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March 15, 2012
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Team TAZR v.2 by chibiphlosion Team TAZR v.2 by chibiphlosion
Applications: Team TAZR | Team TIDALSTORM
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Species: Stunfisk
Gender: Male
Nature/Characteristic: Quirky. Mischievous.
Abilities: Static/Limber/(Sand Veil)
Attacks: Bounce, Attract, Surf, Mud Bomb

Cocoa is an eclectic Stunfisk. As an egg, he was snatched up by a hungry Skarmory who intended to feed her chicks a nutritious meal. While the Skarmory was flying to her nest, he ended up hatching and gave the steel bird Pokemon quite a shock with his Static ability. Cocoa was then dropped on his head to the ground near Pestilent Swamp, and thanks to his species' ability to endure abuse from heavy sumo wrestlers, survived the fall without a scratch.

A Politoed adopted him and raised him with her family and some other foster children. Because of his foster family, he picked up some interesting techniques such as Bounce, Surf, and Mud Bomb; because of his family's typing, he avoided learning electric attacks which may harm them. Why he chose to learn Attract, we will never know, but it seems to suit his Quirky nature. His Attract often confuses and startles the target Pokemon, to his amusement. Cocoa also frequently ends up getting stuck in high places after using Bounce. Hazelnut often has to get him out of trouble.

Cocoa is often seen with his "trollface" smile. He often does things out of the ordinary...playing pranks, and making other Pokemon feel uneasy. He also likes to dance to the sound of a PokeFlute, in a style he picked up after watching some Arboks....

Hazelnut "Hazel"

Species: Emolga (shiny)
Gender: Female
Nature/Characteristic: Brave. Highly curious.
Abilities: Static/(Motor Drive)
Attacks: Wild Charge, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail, Agility
Accessories: Tattered red scarf, Krokogoggles

I guess Hazelnut's backstory isn't canon in the "official" PMD-E storyline, as it alludes to the existence of humans.
Hazelnut was born to a wild Emolga mother, and a shiny Ditto who belonged to a greedy Pokemon Breeder. Her father's relationship with her mother was out of love, unlike the other....relationships his trainer got him into. When the trainer found out that his Ditto had been sneaking off to see his love and their newly hatched children (she has a twin [link]), he captured the Emolgas and tried to use Hazelnut's mother as part of the breeding program.

The shiny Emolga was taken away from her parents and auctioned off at a young age. Her mother would later give birth to a couple of non-shiny Pokemon. The Pokemon Breeder, deeming them useless, disposed of her children. Hazelnut's mother fell into a deep depression, and died shortly after. Her father, who could not escape (a microchip was implanted into his body), would continue to sire more Pokemon while grieving the loss of his mate and his missing daughter. Most of his non-shiny children never had a chance to live because his trainer saw no value in them.

Hazelnut would continue to be auctioned off throughout her childhood. Her handlers taught her moves that would be useful for contests (Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Agility, Baton Pass). Being a shiny, Hazelnut was pampered by most of her handlers, who were overprotective, and would not let her see the outside world for fear that she might dirty her fur. Staying indoors did nothing to sate her curiosity. Tired of the constant grooming and yearning for adventure, she sought ways to escape.

At her most recent handler's home, Hazelnut was able to befriend a Pelipper who delivered...suspicious her handler everyday. She would climb up to the windowsill and chat with him. She managed to escape with her friend's help (he was very skilled in the smuggling business and carried her off in his beak), and was dropped off outside of Tao Woods.

** I based Hazelnut's past off some random ideas/theories: Many people in real life breed their in-game Pokemon to get the correct Natures/IV's/shininess and discard the "failures" by releasing them into the wild. What if this was similar to how some show dog breeders dispose of runts, since they are not profitable or desired?


Accessory Vouchers
- Total......... 5 (M3, M4, M5, M6, M7 present)
- Used for..... Kanga storage, Krookogoggles
- Remaining... 3

Evolution Scrolls
- Total......... 5 (E3, E4, E6.1, E6.2, E7)
- Used for..... Hazelnut's moves revamp
- Remaining... 4

- Total......... 1
- Used for.....
- Remaining... 1
- 2012 Jan: Sunkern (1)

11-28-11 Rewrote backstories.
12-29-11 Made some major changes to Hazelnut's backstory.
03-15-12 Application v.2
07-26-12 Minor art edit for Hazelnut's picture; updated items.
08-03-12 Got Krokogoggles.
10-02-12 Hazelnut has new moves! OLD (Electro Ball, Acrobatics, Agility, Baton Pass) NEW (Wild Charge, Aerial Ace, Iron Tail, Agility)
01-15-13 Added storage and task cards.
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